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Tech Business Lawyer: Cryptocurrencies and the GDPR

Cryptocurrencies and The GDPR

Let's take a look at the intersection of cryptocurrencies and the General Data Protection Rule.

Internet Lawyer: Terms of Service Lawsuit

A Difficult But Important TOS Case

A current case making its way through the courts, which could have a serious Internet law impact.

Internet Law: Online Privacy

New California Online Privacy Law On The Way?

A California lawmaker wants to stop another Cambridge Analytica online privacy scandal before it happens, via legislation.

Online Privacy Law: GDPR

Time Is Running Out For GDPR Compliance

A new online privacy law goes into effect in May. It's the GDPR and requires websites to give users control of their personal data.

Startup Law: Licensing Agreements

The Oracle v. Google Licensing Agreement Case

A legal battle between Google and Oracle may impact your licensing and SaaS agreements.

Tech Business Law Blog: What Pictures Can I Use On My Website?

What Pictures Can I Use On My Website?

Can I use this picture on my website? Let's go over some basic online intellectual property rules.

Santa Monica Law Blog: Bird Settlement

Santa Monica Startup News: Bird Settles

A startup settled with the city over a business license oversight. Don't let it happen to you.

tech business law blog: SEC on cryptocurrency

SEC Cautiously Optimistic on Cryptocurrency?

The cautiously optimistic Securities and Exchange Commission is weighing in on cryptocurrencies once again.

Internet law blog: Lawyer for GDPR

Ready For The General Data Protection Regulation?

Is your business website all set for the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation?