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Marketing and advertising laws do apply. If you're about to launch a promotional campaign, have our lawyers analyze it first. We'll review your materials against local, state, federal, and international marketing and advertising regulations to make sure you won't get slapped with a debilitating FTC action.

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Already been contacted by the Federal Trade Commission for an "unfair and deceptive" marketing violation? We've successfully guided many people through the process and can do the same for you. The sooner you get in touch, the quicker we can rectify the matter.

Intellectual Property Law: News & Tips

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The CLOUD Act In Plain English

Federal U.S. lawmakers passed the CLOUD Act. Will the online privacy law affect your business?

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GDPR v. Cryptocurrency: Theft and Fraud

In this blog post we look at the intersection of cryptocurrencies and the General Protection Data Rule.

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Help! I Got A GDPR Complaint!

The General Data Protection Regulation went into affect months ago. And now the complaints are starting to pour in.