New California Online Privacy Law On The Way?

California online privacy lawFacebook is wrestling yet another seismic online privacy scandal after a whistleblower revealed questionable shenanigans that affected about 87 million users. Governments are scrambling for solutions, and Facebook has been somewhat cagey in providing adequate reassurances. So far, Mark Zuckerberg has publicly apologized and prostrated himself in front of government committees.

And in California, a lawmaker is already shopping a bill proposal that he hopes will mitigate future, similar incidents.

Truth: It’s Not In Facebook’s Best Interest To Tighten Up Privacy Standards

Many folks are now doubting Facebook’s promises. Let’s face it: In terms of profit potential, the fewer the regulations the better.

However, changes are loitering in the wings. Not because of the recent privacy scandal involving Cambridge Analytica and the U.S. elections, but because of an impending EU online privacy law, the GDRP.

New California Online Privacy Law To Combat Social Media Privacy Concerns?

In the wake of the scandal, a California assemblyman introduced a bill that would create an agency to monitor corporate data use. If Golden State lawmakers wave through the program, it could force the hand of federal politicians in significant ways.

Notably, Marc Levine, the bill’s sponsor, modeled his proposal on the soon-to-be-effective General Data Protection Regulation.

Concerns Moving Forward

Several obstacles stand in the way of the proposed new California online privacy law.

For starters, every online company that can rub two bitcoins together will use every last lobbying tool to kill it. Secondly, the proposal, as it currently stands, would face substantial enforcement issues, and require large-scale re-budgeting.

Despite the potentially impassable roadblocks, the bill does one thing effectively: it signals to corporations that online privacy is a sizable public concern that politicians are willing to aggressively address.

Let the lobbying and legal battles begin.

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