Online Privacy Law: Help! I Got A GDPR Complaint!

Help I got a GDPR complaintIt happened. This May past, the European Union’s General Protection Data Regulation went into effect. A comprehensive online privacy mandate, the GDPR affects every commercial website and app around the world that stores user data and allows European access.

And now, two months into the law’s tenure, researchers are reporting that its implementation correlates with a sharp increase in the number of data breach notifications and data-related complaints.

Quickly, What is the GDPR?

At its core an identity protection measure, the General Protection Data Regulation gives consumers more control over their digital info. Any website or app that collects and stores demographic data must provide a way for users to delete their information and set sharing restrictions.

GDPR Brought the Ruckus

Since GDPR’s inception, businesses have been bombarded with both consumer complaints and hacking attacks. Let’s look at some stats.

  • Over the past three months, consumers have pelted the United Kingdom’s Commissioners’ Office (ICO) with 1,106 data protection complaints. The agency also reports an increase in data security breach notifications.
  • In the program’s first month, Irish businesses and citizens hit that country’s Data Protection Commission with 547 breach notifications and nearly 400 data complaints.
  • Both the Czech Republic and France say that their netizens have submitted over 400 related complaints in each country — in the first month alone.
  • In Austria, the number of notifications received in the months following GDPR’s debut is equal to the number it had received in the eight months prior to the law’s effective date.

Is Your Business Struggling With GDPR Complaints or Other Issues?

If you didn’t know about the new EU regulation, which does apply to many stateside websites and apps, call a GDPR attorney right away. He or she will make sure you’re compliant to avoid a potentially account-busting fine. Our firm also works with websites and businesses that have been hit with GDPR complaints.

Don’t panic. We’re here to help. Give us a call; the consultation is on us. Let’s start exploring your path to GDPR compliance.

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