California Online Business Law: Do You Know About The New Data Storage and Breach Regulation?

California new online privacy lawsCalifornia’s Gov. Jerry Brown signed a new bill into law that compels researchers, journalists, and political campaigns to report the receipt of voter data and digital data breaches.

About California’s New Data Storage and Breach Notification Law

Traditionally, state departments only hand over voter registration information when recipients agree to use it for scholarly, journalistic, or governmental ends. But the old process didn’t account for digital considerations. Under the new statue, lawmakers developed electronic distribution and storage guidelines.

What Does California’s New Data Storage and Breach Notification Law Mean For Online Businesses?

What does the new California Internet law statute mean for companies that store user information?

The rule requires businesses, websites, and apps “to report security breaches affecting the storage of that information, which can include names, birth dates, and addresses.” If you fall into that category and allow Californians to access your website, it may be time to consider a digital security audit — not only with an IP professional but also with an IT lawyer. After all, you want to ensure your privacy policies, terms, and license agreements cover all legal bases.

In addition to online privacy considerations, California’s new voter registration law also criminalizes voter suppression tactics like voting location misdirection and eligibility fraud.

Connect With a Terms of Service Lawyer With Digital Security Experience

California’s new information storage and breach notification law isn’t the only statute with which businesses must comply. (To wit, the GDPR immediately comes to mind. – link)
If you run a website or business that stores any type of user data, your terms and agreements must reflect this fact and adhere to various local, state, federal, and international regulations. Failure to do so can lead to hefty fines; and in some extreme cases, criminal charges.

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